Cuts to Services

The Saskatchewan economy was booming for a decade. So why are they cutting services and making life tougher, especially for families, the elderly and the poor?

When it comes to seniors care, health care  and education, the Sask Party just isn’t listening.

Cuts IconOur seniors deserve better. The headlines speak for themselves:

“6000 seniors removed from province’s drug plan” (CBC news, March 18, 2015)  

“Significant  increase in complaints about seniors care, says ombudsman” (CTV News, Jan 2, 2015)

“Seniors care homes understaffed” (CTV News, March 17, 2015)

The Sask Party is just not listening. Not listening to the needs of our seniors, and not listening to the long line of people waiting for care at our hospitals and doctors’ offices.  

What about that promise to eliminate emergency room waiting times? They’ve scrapped it, with no explanation.

The Sask Party also promised to reduce wait times for specialists -- instead wait times have grown to almost a year in some places. They promised to reduce surgical wait times --  instead they’ve grown by 67% in Saskatoon and a staggering 145% in Regina.

It’s not enough for the Sask Party to say the province is in good shape, if people aren’t feeling it in their own lives. When are they going to listen?

What about our kids? The Sask Party has cut over 350 educational assistants from our schools, at a time when far too many classrooms have 35 or more kids.

They’re also cutting millions from our colleges and universities –-- our youth will have a harder time getting the training they need right when we have a skills shortage.

Enough’s enough. We need a government that listens. And a government that works -- for all of us.

The Sask Party? They’re just not listening.


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