A lot of people are struggling to get by these days. But our costs keep going up, especially our utility bills.

Why do I keep getting charged more for basic services? When it comes to the cost of living in Saskatchewan, the Sask Party just doesn’t seem to be listening. 

And if they’re not listening to us, just who are they listening to?

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Utilities, tuition fees, seniors care, healthcare supplies…the list of rising costs goes on and on. Not to mention the fact that the cost of housing and food continues to climb too.

For far too many of us, just making ends meet is a struggle. As a result, more and more people in this province are struggling with poverty. Foodbanks and shelters report alarming increases in people needing help.

In 2015, 74 per cent of our foodbanks reported an increased usage. More and more of their clients are seniors and students.

It’s not enough for the Sask Party to say the province is in good shape, if people aren’t feeling it in their own lives. Two-thirds of Saskatchewan residents believe the government needs to take action on cost of living.

But what has the Sask Party done?  In the last three years SaskPower rates alone have gone up more than 15%.

Enough’s enough.

We need a government that listens. And a government that works -- for all of us.

The Sask Party. They’re just not listening.

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