The Sask Party is out of touch. They’re not paying attention to the needs of real people like you and me. If they’re not listening to us, who are they listening to?

The Sask Party has more than doubled spending on consultants — over $120 million each year. For what? Life doesn’t seem to be getting any easier after all that high-priced advice.

That’s not even the worst of it.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure alone reports spending over 400% more in consultants!

Accountability IconAfter 6 years and $33 million spent on controversial LEAN-style consultants in education, health care and other ministries, we’re left with deep cuts and sub-standard care.

For example, the Sask Party is now sending our hospital laundry to Alberta ... a move that resulted in hundreds of lost jobs that will also cost taxpayers an extra $30 million. To make matters worse, the laundry is coming back from Alberta “dirty, smelly and damaged.” It just doesn’t make sense.

Why is the Sask Party spending so much time listening to consultants, and so little time listening to the needs of ordinary people like you and me?

Is our education system working better after all that expensive advice? Not so much. Too many of our schools are crumbling and overcrowded.


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